Cloud is a concept of having all your information in the World Wide Web, this concept is not new, we have it since the invention of the mail in where you can save contacts and important information inside your account. But the concept of cloud computing was created with the entry of the smartphones and the increased tendency of access all our information via web. The social networks also change the form that we see the cloud concept adding new features to the users like sharing music, photos, books and more.

In simple terms cloud computing is the ability to upload any file and put it reachable to everyone with any kind of device that can connect to the internet. But with the new contributions of the social networks and the mobile apps has done that the concept cloud computing also could be referred to share information with other contacts and work remotely with several person in real time.

The reality is that cloud is a new way of saving information in a safe way inside internet, giving us the option of sharing any information with any person in any place of the world from any device that has access to the internet. One of the more important things about the cloud is the safety that it gives to the information because is stored inside the world wide web and this mean that is saved and backed inside data centers of some company that has high standards of quality. This ensure that all the information is available all the time from any place with internet access.
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